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How To Repair A Golf Course Pitch Mark by Fiber Laser Marking Machine Design and Lasering Process

In today's video, we will be customizing a Golf Course Pitch Mark. This handy tool lets you repair little holes that are made on the golf course when the golf ball hits the surface.

Firstly we are going to remove the golf marker which we won't be marking on. We then need to measure the area and locations of where we will be marking with our Fiber Laser Marking Machine so we can create our designs in the right size.

For each design, we can decide if we want a border or a simple engraving. We adjust these settings in our Laser Marking Software.

Now we are ready to see that the height of the laser is set at the right height. We use a scrap piece of metal on top of two rules to get the same height as the pitch marker. We then perform a test on the scrap metal. After performing the first step, we see the laser is lined up perfectly already.

We are now confident that we can engrave onto the golf pitch mark. Don't forget to untick continuous as we will only be engraving once.
It is also good to measure the laser rectangle that is projected onto the surface to be sure. Once happy, you can go ahead and engrave.

We also adjust engraving power to get a deeper engraving and a different tone.

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