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Spray-Painting Stencil 0.9mm ABS Sheet Cut on TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Stencil Design Tips

In today's video, we take you through the steps to make a stencil, by laser cutting the design out of an ABS Sheet.

We start off with the template and the design of the artwork. For this stencil, we are simply making the set of numbers from 0 to 9. Where a number has a hole, we need to perform a slice through the number, as shown in the video.

Now that the artwork is ready, with the numbers ready, we now need to use another tool, such as AI, to vectorise the template. This step allows us to remove the white areas in the numbers. From here, we export as a dsf and import it into RDWorks. We then show you the steps needed for getting the letters ready in RDWorks.

Next, we look at the parameters for the cutting in RDWorks. When cutting ABS, you will find that the slower it goes, the ABS that is cut will melt back together. So you need to find the right cutting speed.

Now we are finally ready to save the artwork to a memory stick and load the stick into our Laser Cutter. When doing the cutting you want to try stay away from sharp corners to prevent the ABS from cracking. Also, be careful of the fumes that the machine will let you.

The machine is finished cutting out the letters. We are now ready to test out the stencil and see how it performs. Taping the stencil to a board, the result is perfect!

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