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Fiber Laser Engraving on Stainless Steel Hip Flask and LabelMark Software Usage Tips

The process of Fiber Laser Engraving allows one to engrave on a wide range of materials using high-power lasers. Gone are the days when items were engraved with a hammer, such as creating a dog tag. Now everyone is using Fiber Laser Engravers such as the LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Machines that we sell on Buythis.co.za! From engraving signs, and plaques to small items, it can all be done with a Fiber Laser Engraver from AM.CO.ZA.

The engraving is scratch and chemical resistant and is very suitable for tough environments. Applying stickers, labels or spray paint to an object may only last a few months, and will need to be reapplied. With a Fiber Laser, the result is permeant and long-lasting! This way, you can ensure that you provide results that will keep your customers coming back for more!

In today’s video, we take you through the steps to engrave an image onto a stainless steel hip flask. Watch the below video to see the process:

The first step is the design. We create a template of the right size in our LabelMark Software and then create/insert the graphic of our choice. When engraving, you will often want to engrave not only the outline but inside the outline as well. To do this, you need to select the hatch setting and adjust the settings in LabelMark to ensure that the engraving is done correctly.

Next you need to do the power settings and parameters. Watch the below video to learn all about the settings we adjusted to get the right engraving.

Next we are going to do a test on a scrap piece of steel, to avoid damaging the flask. First we need to place the flask on the bed and use the lasers to check that the design will be engraved on the right location.

Now were going to place the piece of scrap steel above the flask and do a test to see that the laser is at the right height and that the flask is level. The steel is only 1mm of thickness, so it is fine that we are testing with this piece of steel above the flask. If the steel was thicker, it would throw off the engraving.

Next we are ready to engrave onto the flask. When engraving, you can either go for a light engraving or a darker engraving. To achieve a darker level of engraving, you will need to increase the loop count. You can push engrave and watch as the laser engraves into the flask!

After looking at the results, there is a bit of burning in the engraving, which is due to the colour in the anodizing. To repair this, you can simply wipe it with a solution. But you can also clean the top surface with a quick engrave @ less power, and this should clean the top surface, without burning into the surface. After this process, the engraving is done and looks fantastic!

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