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Deskpad Photoshop Designed and Printed on Large Sublimation Printer, Printing and Making Tips

A Deskpad protects your desk from items that you place on it as well as acts as a mouse pad. Whereas mouse pads only have space for the mouse, a deskpad is larger and can accommodate a keyboard and other items. Gamers will know all about deskpads and you will often see gaming setups with deskpads that feature really cool designs. Some even have RGB lights on the edges. In today's video, we show you how to design and print a deskpad using a Sublimation Printer and Roll to Roll Heat Press.

We start off the process with the design. We create a document in the right size of the deskpad, and then place different images onto the document to create a design. Once the design is exported, we can move to the printing stage.

For printing, we will be using a sublimation printer, using sublimated coated paper that works with the ink we are using. Keep in mind that when you are printing a sublimation print, you need to reverse print, so that when you heat press onto the material, the print will be the right way.

Once printed, we are ready to heat press onto the material. First, we need to trim the printed material, and then we can use an AM.CO.ZA Roller Heat Press and heat press at 220 Degrees. Since we are heat pressing onto a thicker surface, we need to adjust the pressure, otherwise, the colour won't come out just right.

We are now ready to cut out the deskpad. The best way to do this is to cut on the underneath side. The is to avoid cutting where the ink is lying as doing so can cause the material to tear and it won't look so nice. The best method to actually cut is by using a C02 laser, but because this job is small, even though a deskpad, we are doing it by hand.

Once cut, you should overlock the edge, so that you don't fray the edges when moving items or your hand over the edge.

The result is fantastic and the colours look great, made possible thanks to AM.CO.ZA range of machinery!

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