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Make Instagram Handle for Photos by Large Format Printer and CO2 laser Cutting Machine

How To Make An Instagram Handle Frame for Photos With A Large Format Printer and CO2 laser Cutting Machine!
With Instagram being one of the most popular photo-sharing apps, many businesses have used Instagram handle frames to get some free social media coverage. An Instagram handle frame is a cardboard cut-out, that features your business name, logo or text related to an event. People can then snap away using your frame and share these photos on Instagram or even any social network. This is a great way for people to celebrate your company, your event or your occasion, and a great way for the brand to get publicity.

We made an Instagram handle frame but it was a bit on the small side. In the below video, we take you through the steps needed to make a larger Instagram handle frame, using a Large Format Printer and CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, which AM.CO.ZA is proud to sell.

The first step is always the design. First, you need a template so that the text or logos you add appears in the right place. Then you can apply the design you like, and send your design for printing.

For printing, we are going to be using a UV Large Format Printer as we need to print a large frame with detailed and vibrant colours.

Once the print is completed, we are going to trim the board to remove the white border.

We are now ready to use the Laser Cutter, to create a wooden frame, that will support the print. We need to cut out a section of wood in the middle so that people can be seen through the frame.

With the cut-out still inside the frame, we place a blue layer of vinyl over the wooden frame. We then place the print over the frame (with cut-out still in) and laminate the print to the board.

We then need to cut out the print and remove the wooden cut-out, that is now attached to it. Finally, we need to trim the edges to ensure that there edges are neat and tidy!

The end result is fantastic. The Instagram handle frame (1.2 by 800 ) can fit 2-6 people, making group shots possible! We would love to see your creations, just tag us on Social Media!

Please feel free to visit buythis.co.za to purchase or contact sales @ 011 397 1429 / 021 555 3250 / 060 600 6000 / 072 222 2211.