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CNC Router for AMPA Plastics, More CNC Routers Installed for Packaging Layer Boards Cutting

AM.CO.ZA is a proud supplier of machinery to many businesses and companies in South Africa. Today we are showcasing one of our customers, AMPA Plastics Group. Ampa Plastics Group was founded in 1973 and has gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability as a manufacturer of specialised plastics to various industries. They pride themselves in service, innovation, and excellence. Ampa Plastic Group comprises of Ampa Plastics, Modek, Ampaflex and Coolseal. There is an Ampa Plastics product for almost every application and different products can be chosen or adapted to enhance desired characteristics such as chemical or impact resistance. Ampa Plastics is South Africa’s leading supplier of a wide range of thermoplastic materials and branded products that are used in a variety of different industries ranging from mining, farming, printing, to the automotive industries.

AMPA has decided to partner with AM.CO.ZA for the second time, to ensure that they have the best quality machinery, at an affordable price. AMPA bought a EasyRoute CNC Router from us, in fact, this is the 3rd CNC Router that we have sold to AMPA.

Previously, AMPA Glass (Part of the AMPA group) approached AM.CO.ZA for a customized CNC Router setup, for routine packaging layer boards, AM.CO.ZA created a customized and specialized CNC Router solution to meet the specific needs.

AMPA needed to expand and that meant, more machinery to get the job done. AMPA went with the R-2030K/55 AKA EasyRoute 380V High Z-300mm 2050x3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router, as it has a 5.5kW High-Torque Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motor, together with a Vacuum Pump and Dust Collector.

Our team went over to AMPA Plastics, to install their new CNC Router for them.

This machine is now in stock, and selling fast, so call us today if you want to secure yours! Please feel free to visit buythis.co.za to purchase or contact sales @ 011 397 1429 / 021 555 3250 / 060 600 6000 / 072 222 2211.