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Furniture Vinyl Wrapping How-to Video from Design, Print on Large Format Printer to Wrapping

Vinyl Wrapping is a great way to change the look of an object. If you have an old object, like a piece of furniture, which is outdated or not looking its best, you can use Vinyl Wrapping, to give it a new life. In today’s video, we take you through the process of Vinyl Wrapping a piece of furniture, as part of our Makers Lab series. All you need is a Large Format Printers, a Vinyl Cutter, a Laminator and some consumables of course.

We had originally sanded the top of the desk and applied white to the top. Without ink, the Vinyl would not stick to the top and would curl up. So it is important to first place white down before you proceed if you have sanded the surface.

Then the next step is to choose and create your design. We need to create templates for each part of the piece of furniture. We will be using different designs for different panels of the table.

To print on the Vinyl, we are using an EcoSolvent Large Format Printer, as we want a high gloss print with loads of colours, which will be more visible than a UV printer.

Once the design is printed, we will be using a Rollman Laminator, to apply the gloss lam. Don’t forget to wipe the print before you laminate to remove any pieces of dust or dirt.

Now we need to cut the vinyl into the pieces, clean the surface and apply the vinyl. Apply some water onto the surface before applying the vinyl, so that you can fill any gaps that may be on the surface of the furniture. This will make it easier to get the vinyl to stick to the surface. Then use a squeegee to get any bubbles out.

You are now ready to trim the edges with a sharp blade, for a super smooth finish.

The end result leaves us with a new table, with a lovely design. With Vinyl Cutting, the possibilities are endless. Why stop with a small table, you can restore large pieces of furniture as well! AM.CO.ZA sells a wide range of Large Format Printers and Vinyl Cutters. Please feel free to visit buythis.co.za to purchase or contact sales @ 011 397 1429 / 021 555 3250 / 060 600 6000 / 072 222 2211.