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Complete Steps if Vinyl Sign on ABS Sheeting Made by Large Format Printer and Laminator Roller

If you are planning to print large pieces such as signage, wallpapers or large banners, then you are going to need the right machinery so that you can print to the best standards. At AM.CO.ZA we stock a wide range of printers and Laminators, allowing you to print anything with perfection, quality and detail and keep the quality for years to come. Large Format Printers are popular when one needs to print large pieces as they let you print in large without losing quality, or adding wastage, and AM.CO.ZA is a specialist in Large Format Printers. Our Rollman Lamintors, let you laminate large prints to ensure that the print is protected from the elements. Using a Large Format Printer and a Lamintor, is a cost effect setup for Vinyl Printed Signage.

In today’s video, we will be taking you through the steps to create a vinyl sign out of an ABS sheet, using a Large Format Printer and a Rollman Lamintor.

‌The first step, as always is to start with the design and the template. We already have the designs, and we just needed to add in some logos, as well as the dots for the holes to be drilled for the signs that need it.

Next, we are ready to print, using a UV Large Format Printer. We have chosen a UV printer as the client has mentioned that the sign will be outside and will get a lot of Sun. UV ensures that the ink will have a good lifespan without fading or discolouration.

Once the vinyl is printed, we need to cut parts which are not needed, such as the white around the red border. Once this is done, we will be laminating the vinyl using a Rollman Lamintor.

Now we are ready to drill the holes, using a drill press so that the customer can cable tie the signage. When drilling into ABS, it is best to use the highest speed and one continuous movement, to ensure that you get a clean hole and no cracks.

If you are looking to create vinyl signage for your business, then AM.CO.ZA stocks Large Format Printers and Laminators for you to buy!