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Aztec Balustrade Engraving on 6mm Supawood by TruCUT 1300x900 Laser Machine with Stunning Result

Laser engraving is a simple method to personalize various items such as glassware, wood, metal and more, to create something as a corporate gift, to celebrate an occasion or even to improve the space around you. At AM.CO.ZA, our Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine allows one to easily engrave objects, in a cost-effective manner. Watch the video to see how we engraved an Aztec design onto wood to use a balustrade cover:

Today we will show you how to turn a boring Balustrade into a masterpiece using a TruCUT 1300×900 Laser Machine, and a 6mm piece of Supawood. We will be engraving a design onto the Supawood and covering the Balustrade to hide the mess that is seen through the empty Balustrade.

To start off, we need a design which will be engraved onto the material. We chose an Azetec theme as it will provide a really nice look for the warehouse. The design needs to be imported into RDWorks, so that we can match the design to the template. We then need to select what should be cut and what should be engraved.

Now that the design is ready, we can send the design off to be cut by our TruCUT 1300×900 Laser Machine, which AM.CO.ZA is proud to sell.

The TruCUT Standard Range 1300x900mm is a cabinet-type laser cutting and engraving machine, that comes with a 150W CO2 Laser Tube. We will be using 6mm MDF as the board will be installed on a metal structure and we want to avoid warping.

Once the engraving is completed, the board should be cleaned with soapy water. Once dry, we are ready to attach the board to our balustrade.

The end result is more than we could have hoped for. The TruCUT 1300×900 Laser Machine engraved and cut out the board to perfection, in no time at all! A simple and cost-effective method to improve your space!

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