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Vinyl Print Wrapping of Gecko Cage from Print to Finish, Wrapping Tips and Tricks with Live Gecko

Vinyl wrapping is a popular method used to give a fresh new look as well as protection to items such as cars, phones and more. We are sure you have heard of people vinyl wrapping their cars, with a cool design or even a clear wrap for protection. Vinyl wrapping can also be used for items around the home, such as wrapping your kitchen cupboards, which many do!

In today's video, we show you the process of Vinyl Print Wrapping a Gecko cage, from start to finish, as well as some useful wrapping tips and tricks! You also get to meet the cutest Gecko, Peaches. So watch below to see if Peaches likes his new home.

The first step is to start with the design. We will be using two elements, which will be turned into a collage on the panels. Since each panel will be applied individually, it is important to have a template for each panel.

We are now ready to print, and for this job, we are using the XP600 UV Printer, for sale from AM.CO.ZA. Using a Large Format Printer, we are able to print in large without losing details or colours.

Once the printing is complete, we will be laminating the print with AM.CO.ZA's Rollman Industrial Laminator to protect the print so that it lasts as long as possible.

The final step is to apply the vinyl to the gecko cage. The vinyl is easily pulled away from the backing, and then a blade is used to trim the edges and remove parts that need to be accessed, and a squeegee to remove any air bubbles.

The finished product looks great, and Peaches seems very at home :)

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