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Full Colour Table Socks by Sublimation Printing and Sewing Together by CMT, Design Printing Process

The Sublimation Method of printing has improved the printing industry. This simple method has allowed many businesses and individuals to print on fabric for a range of applications. In the past, we showed you how you can make a jacket using the sublimation process as well as the process of sublimation printing on a t-shirt. Today we are going to show you how you can create a Full Colour Table Sock, through the process of Sublimation Printing and then sewing together by CMT. Watch the video below for the full design printing process:

First up, is to start with the design. The design must be adjusted to fit the template for the Table Sock. Each panel of the Table Sock needs to be designed and saved as individual images. These images are then printed using a sublimation printer onto paper and then sublimated onto the fabric using a Heat Press, which AM.CO.ZA has a range of models available for sale.

We decided to print onto 120 GSM Transfer Paper, as this paper can hold a lot more ink, than thinner papers. The material that we will be sublimating on is pretty thick and it is important that as much ink goes into the material, as the material will stretch and you want to minimise the white that will be shown on the material as it stretches over the table.

We are now ready to heat press the design from printed paper onto the yoga material. This process is easy thanks to the efficiency of our Heat Press machines.

Once the sublimation process is complete, the material is handed to CMT (Cut Make and Trim) to stitch the material.

Now we are ready to place the finished product onto the table! The finished product looks great, the ink came out really well and the table sock stretches without distorting the design or colours!

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