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Multipanel Big Vinyl Signage on Chromadek Board with Steel Frame Printed on Large Format Printer

It is not always easy starting a business more so entering markets as demanding as this one. But we are so fortunate to be living in a time where digital technology can provide you some sense of ease and also cater to most of the needs of your business especially in the signage industry. But it is completely up to you to take full advantage of our V-Smart Automatic vinyl cutting machine and our FastCOLOUR Large Format digital printer, we are telling you it is completely worth it, and you won’t look back.

Both of these machines can be used hand in hand to produce versatility. While on one hand you have the vinyl cutter with its own specialty in making signs advertisements and banners when reading this you may think that both these machines behave the same which is true for the most part of it but the difference is that the V-Smart Automatic vinyl cutting machine uses a blade to cut through your designs into different materials using a computer software while the large format digital printer uses ink and large nozzles to lay toner which creates more tangibility.

As much as it can be used on a stand-alone basis, however, when used hand in hand with the FastCOLOUR Large Format digital printer the results are impeccable. The digital printing machine takes less time to print your designs that you might have in mind which may be an added benefits in the situation where you must tend mass production and when you get so busy and forever having to chase the next deadline.

As much as both these machines have mostly similar functions which means they can be used alone at any given time but putting together two powerful machines means getting twice the work, production, and quality. The best part is that both small and large businesses can make these beautiful investments as they require minimal labour and intervention once they are up and running.

In the signage markets using these machines together could result in larger workflow. The reputation of both these machines individually proceeds them, however, we are saying put them together and watch fireworks happen right before your eyes in your workshop.

Today’s vlog gives a comprehensive demonstration on how to create vinyl signage on Chromadek board with steel frame printed on the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer from Advanced Machinery.

If you are ready to make the investment, call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

Check out buythis.co.za/ to buy the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printing machine and V-Smart Automatic vinyl cutting machine online and key in (buythis.co.za/machines). Prices are subject to change.

Or visit our warehouse in Jet Park, Boksburg or Montague Gardens, Cape Town.

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