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Further Knowledge About Full Colour Sublimation Clothing Making, Design, Print, Transfer & Sewing

High-quality personalized sublimation clothing creates an outstanding first impression by making sure that your emblem and design is noticeable with refreshing, flawless colours as well as first-class clothing material. It has the ability to build brand recognition and promotes an organization’s culture.

Dye sublimation clothing have their colours fixed into textile leading to a lasting design that is sure not to grow dim, split, or peel off over the years. This apparel is created to last.

Custom sublimation printing gives you an opportunity to design without limit or control. It needs heat to move dye ink on-the-top of an item of clothing. Making use of heat in this method converts the dye into a vaporous form and then when it is pressed onto a textile, in this manner clothing gets sublimated. As soon as the colours permeate through each and every fiber, they become hard.

In this way the colour becomes durable through the sublimation technique. In spite of you washing it continually, the pigment-based ink does not disappear like other printing techniques.

Sublimation printing provides a broad spectrum of colour options as well as seam-to-seam printing. Basically, full dye sublimation printing is a good deal and gets you your money’s worth if you plan on creating extravagant clothing that will draw attention your way. This custom-made sublimation clothing makes the finest first impression by making sure that your design and emblem stand out lively with high-calibre photo colours.

A good roll-to-roll sublimation printer together with a large format printer can help you to make quality customized clothing, all from the comfort of your own workspace. You can get both machines for reasonable price from Advanced Machinery.

To purchase the roll-to-roll sublimation printer and large format printer online log onto and buythis.co.za/ and key in (buythis.co.za/machines). Prices are subject to change.

Get a hold of Advanced Machinery by dialing 060 600 6000 to obtain product advice and information on the best sublimation printing machines that will help take your project a step ahead.

Alternatively, visit our warehouse in Jet Park or Montague Gardens.

To get more information on our products log on to our website am.co.za.