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Fiber Laser Aluminium Marking with Permanent Serial Numbers by LabelMark 20W Fiber Laser Machine

Laser engraving necessitates creating extensive lasting marks on a metal surface. The mark or cut comes about by concentrating a beam of light onto the metal surface in a specified pattern, consequently clearing away some materials through evaporation.

Aluminium is a multifaceted material that is now essential in nearly all industries because of its ability to last for a long time, for its remarkable resistance against rusting, and flimsy properties. It offers an option for you to create unlimited designs.

This piece of metal is commonly used in production because of its lightweight properties, it being stable and lasting and its high corrosion defiance. This multifaceted material can be refined in various ways and provides never-ending design possibilities.

You can now use the LabelMark 20W fiber laser machine to mark, engrave, cut, adjust and customize your parts.

The advantages of engraving aluminium using the LabelMark 20W fiber laser machine are as follows:
• Aluminium can be marked to perfection and at a high speed.
• Enduring and great contrast marking can be achieved on different types of aluminium.
• This machine can mark, etch, and engrave bar codes numbers, one-dimensional or two-dimensional codes, quick response codes and emblems onto your parts.
• Customize aluminium objects such as pet tags, mobile phones, etc.
• Results in autonomous and high-speed marking laser for identification and trackability of parts.
• You can attain artistic and stylish deep engraving with the machine.
• No production wastage is created during the work.
• Is easy to operate and maintain.
• When this machine is utilized accurately, it is guaranteed to last for plenty of years.
• The laser marker can work with almost any material.
• It gives you an opportunity to engrave complicated patterns that will surely last for a long time and will remain constant in any way.

Today’s vlog provides a full demonstration of the aluminium marking with permanent numbers procedure using the LabelMark 20W fiber laser marking machine from Advanced Machinery.

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