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Large Wallpaper Project Printed on Large Format Printer with ECO-Solvent Ink and Applied in Sections

The latest advancement in digital printing has made way for a completely new world of possibilities to revitalize your walls with spectacular designs. The invention of digitally printed wallpapers has helped eliminate outdated, uninteresting wallpapers with duplicated patterns. This can be achieved by using a wide format printer to print, preferably an eco-solvent large format printer.

You can now utilize high-resolution photographs for your wallpaper designs and even go as far as printing large-scale wallpapers. Your digitally printed wallpaper can have any colour that you can think off. Your home, restaurant or shop can be converted into a graphically appealing encounter.

In as much as you can be conflicted about the use of and need for wallpapers, you must admit that digitally printed wallpapers come with a lot of advantages.

These wallpapers do not need any inventory, producing them is great for reduced runs. Moreover, digital printing allows you to print only merely what is required for an individual or mass order and efficiently.

Also digitally printed wallpapers come are easily removable with the correct substrates. This gives your customers a chance to change their wallpaper as often as they change their wardrobes.

In today’s vlog we will show you how to print a large-scale wallpaper from the FastCOLOUR large format printer using eco-solvent ink and how to apply it step by step.

AM.CO.ZA’s FastCOLOUR Eco-Solvent Large Format Printer:
• Is easy to operate.
• Only needs less curing time compared to other inks.
• Delivers the best quality prints with colours that are bright and rich.
• Eco-Solvent ink has a broad colour range.
• This printer can give your print an expensive glaze looking finish.
• It can be utilized on a broad assortment of material.
• It is great for printing on banners, wallpapers and signs that will be externally.
• Eco-Solvent ink penetrates into your material and sticks more firmly when compared to other inks.
• The printer requires the least amount of maintenance.
• Eco-Solvent ink causes less harm to the printhead.

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