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Full Sublimation Masks by TC Branding in Edenvale with FastCOLOUR Printer and Roller Heat Press

With the surge in demand of face masks, it is crucial for mask producers to stay relevant and ahead of the game with the latest and trendiest designs. A large number of people now prefer to have their masks personalized to their heart’s content. This is also the best way to put on display one’s talent.

In today’s episode you will learn how easy it is to use a sublimation large format printer and a roller heat press machine to print colourful images and wording on polyester face masks from our interview with TC Branding.

TC Branding is a South African signage company that prints the likes of t-shirts, billboards, signage and so much more. They bought and make use of the FastCOLOUR sublimation large format printer and Heatware roller heat press from Advanced Machinery to produce a large number of orders that they receive for custom-made polyester face masks.

Sublimation printing is also utilized for posters, billboards, banners and clothing items that consist of a sublimation-friendly surface. This technology makes use of a combination of CMYK ink colours transfer designs onto synthetic material by utilizing both heat and strength. The transmission of the design onto the substrate turns out to be everlasting.

AM's FastCOLOUR Sublimation Large Format Printer:
• Is a fast speed printer.
• It delivers high-res pictures/designs.
• Sublimation ink dries up instantly on printed items.
• Results in permanent printing.
• It is good value for the amount of money that you paid.
• Manufactures many identical goods instantly.
• It needs the least amount of maintenance.

AM’s Heatware Sublimation Roll-to-Roll Heat Press:
• It is easy to operate.
• It has the best transfer rate.
• It has a greater processing speed.
• It has the ability to print without any interruptions.
• It does large quantity transfer printing to satisfy customer needs.
• It heats up instantly.

Check out buythis.co.za/ to buy the large format printer and roller heat press machine online (buythis.co.za/machines). Prices are subject to change.

Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

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