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Fibre Laser Engrave Steel Water Bottles, Personalised Gifts by LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking Machine

The laser marking technique is now being used a lot compared to how it was used years ago. This method has the ability to mark or engrave on a broad range of materials. It is extremely flexible for commercial and industrial purposes.

The fibre laser marker is a form of CNC laser marking technique that makes use of a fibre laser beam to create permanent markings on the surface of both metallic and non-metallic materials.
The best metals to engrave on or mark using the fibre laser marking machine is stainless steel, platinum, silver, gold and bronze.

This machine is regarded as easy to use and is far more affordable than other types of fibre laser engravers. This is a result of it only requiring the least amount of maintenance. Also, fibre markers do not have to replaced regularly. When the time comes for it to be replaced, it can be simply done without the need for a technician to do laser aligning on your behalf.

Then there is the high-quality laser beam that it possesses that is superior than the rest of the laser marking machines in the market. This machine is also convenient in saving you a lot of space since it is concise and portable. You can incorporate this machine into your small office space without having to This makes it easier to integrate into your small office space without having to rearrange the whole manufacturing building.

As a whole fibre laser marking technology is extremely advantageous and cost-efficient than other forms of marking and engraving machinery. 

In today’s “How To Do Things” video you will learn how to successfully engrave on both sides of a stainless steel bottle using the LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking machine from Advanced Machinery to create a stylish water bottle.

AM's LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking machine:
•Is user-friendly;
•Marks at high speeds;
•Requires the least amount of maintenance;
•Delivers precise engraving results;
•Delivers intricate engravement;
•It is easy to carry and move around.

To invest in one log onto (buythis.co.za/machines) to make a purchase online.Prices are subject to change.

If you are lazy to make that online purchase call sales on 060 600 6000 or visit our nearest branch.

For more information to your satisfaction log on to our website am.co.za.