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Multicoloured Vinyl Chromadek Signboard Cut Separately on Vinyl Cutter and Apply Step by Step

Chromadek is the most sought-after material with regard to personalized signs since it is an economical option in the matter of external signage.

As a result of its adaptability, chromadek is commonly used for billboards and substantial sign designs that need an easily and prominently visible from a distance.

Chromadek signs are durable and last a long time. Furthermore to extend the life span of the sign and to make it weather-proof, lamination or UV protection is applied onto the sign.

In today's video you will learn how to layer multicoloured vinyl like a pro on a chromadek signboard.

[ ] Firstly, apply vinyl layer by layer onto chromadek.
[ ] Then cut your vinyl using AM's V-Auto vinyl cutter.
[ ] Weed the vinyl.
[ ] Apply backing tape.
[ ] Next, apply a soapy solution.
[ ] Even out the surface with a squeegee.
[ ] Remove the backing tape.
[ ] Then put your signage up for display.

AM.CO.ZA's V-Auto Vinyl Cutter
[ ] Easily operable.
[ ] Delivers accurate and precise cuts.
[ ] Uses Roland compatible blades.

Check out buythis.co.za/ to buy the vinyl cutting machine online (buythis.co.za/machines). Prices are subject to change.

Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

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