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UV Board Printing Print-head Height Adjustment Tips and Use the UV Flatbed Table as Prep Table

Jason Brett runs a successful branding business with wife known as Pop Trading.

He purchased a FastCOLOUR UV Hybrid printer from Advanced Machinery to make a photo booth and gave us a narrative of his delightful story.

Tips and Tricks for Height Adjustment:

• Brett made use of a 3mm thick M-Foam substrate to produce his photo booth.
• He carried out a head height adjustment before printing and pressed the “start” button on the printhead and then extended his material a bit.
• He then went on to switch the machine off for a little while to make the amendments.
• Thereafter he detached the screws that hold the carriage.
• Then he gently pushed the M-Foam under the head and then made use of two new R5 coins and put one coin on top of the other one.
• He located these coins under the carriage.
• He then let the print carriage drop down and then secured all four screws that were unfastened.
• He eradicated the substrate by sliding it out with the coins still based underneath .
• The coins hit the surface and were then removed.
• He then turned on the machine.
• At this point the machine is on standby. This implies that you can set up the media that you would like to print on.
• He put the M-Foam on his Flatbed Extension and then put the pinch rollers down before performing a test for alignment.
• When he was happy with the alignment of his media, he pushed the “start” button on his printhead and then went on with the printing.
• He made amendments to the movement of the printhead- to either move to the left or right direction.
• He then ripped his picture from the software and then went on to print.
• The printing starts as all the data has gone through to the printer.
• The machine prints bi-directionally as seen in the video.
• Lastly, he took the print media out of the machine and then placed it on one side.
• He made use of the flatbed table to cut the media.

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