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Two Colours Heat Transfer Vinyl Prints Pressed on T-Shirt by Portable Heat Press Machine

The Press Process:

• For the first black image-use the VinylCut software to create your design.
• Following step-use the V-Auto Superfast vinyl cutter from Advanced Machinery to print and cut the design.
• Weed your vinyl as soon as the printing and cutting process is done.
• The same process applies for the red vinyl image (also known as the second colour)
• Place your plain white t-shirt on a surface that is flat.
• Place the first layer of printed vinyl (i.e. Black colour) on the shirt.
• Amend the settings of the temperature to 155 Degree Celsius and the timer to 10 seconds.
• When that is done put the heated heat press on top and “press” your vinyl design.
• Take the heat press off the t-shirt and then slowly remove the backing paper.
• Put in an application of the second layer of vinyl (i.e. Red colour)
• Duplicate the process.
• Make use of the same temperature and timer settings.
• Place the heated press on the shirt and then “press” your vinyl design.
• Remove the heat press from the t-shirt and then carefully take off the backing paper.
• To solidify everything, re-press the design composed of both layers (i.e. the black and red layer/image) making use of the same temperature and timer settings.

Quick Tip:

Try not to press for the full amount of each time because the heat from the press will result in the shrinkage of your vinyl. This will also result in the misalignment of layers. Press for 10 seconds (until the layer is pressed into the shirt) and then go onto to do 10 second presses right until both layers are on the shirt.

Show off your creative vinyl designs by rocking them on with your customized t-shirt.

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