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Portable Sublimation Print Takkies Picture on T-shirt with Portable Heat Press and AM Sublimation Papers

Sublimation Print Process using Advanced Machinery’s Portable Heat Press

What will you require?

• A sublimation converted inkjet printer.
• A4 Sublimation Paper from Advanced Machinery.
• Plain White (Sublimation ready T-Shirt).
• Portable Heatware Heat Press Machine from Advanced Machinery.
The Procedure
• Fabricate the design for your t-shirt on your personal computer/laptop (i.e. Multicoloured takkies)
• Edit your picture on the software.
• Grab a hold of your A4 Sublimation Papers.
• Print the picture that you created with an inkjet office printer.
• Before you can trim the edges, mirror the design.
• Your design will be facing backwards but as soon as you press it onto your t-shirt, it will be facing the right way.
• Layer your t-shirt onto a flat surface. Make sure that it is flat and non-creased.
• Take note of the fact that sublimation printing works well on white t-shirts.
• Apply the paper transfer design on the t-shirt with your design facing downwards.
• Switch on your Heatware portable heat press machine from AM.
• Make amendments to the temperature and timer settings to (200 Degree Celsius and 90 seconds)
• Put your heat press on the sublimation paper and hold it down until the timer expires.
• Pick up the heat press off the t-shirt and then set it aside.
• Take off the backing paper of the paper transfer slowly.
• Leave it to cool and set before you can wear it.

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