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Screen Print Multi-Colour Strips on T-Shirt by Using Vinyl as Screen Pattern Cut on Vinyl Cutter

Screen printing for multicolour designs using vinyl as screen pattern cut/stencil

Screen printing is a time-tested stencilling technique used to apply inked images to a wide variety of substrates. Using a stencil or a series of stencils, the ink is distributed to the desired area(s) by being pressed through a porous screen.

At the core of the screen printing process is a mesh screen material that has been stretched tightly across a rigid frame. The areas of the finished design that will not receive ink coverage are masked out using a stencil. The unmasked sections will allow ink to pass through, thus transferring the intended image onto the substrate to be printed.

You will need:

• AM Screen printing paint
• AM Mesh Screen
• AM Transfer Tape
• AM Squeegee

The process:

• Find a design or create one using the VinylCUT software.
• Select your picture (Setup your design)
• Edit the image on the software (VinylCut software)
• Cut your vinyl with the V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery.
• Next, weed the design.
• When you weed the vinyl stencil design, you want to weed out or remove the vinyl from the area that you want to paint. Leave the vinyl in the area where you want the shirt to show through.
• Cut off a piece of transfer tape that is big enough to cover the entire design. Place the transfer tape over the entire vinyl design and make use of it to move the vinyl stencil into the middle section of the screen.
• Put mesh screen over your screen panel and then seal every corner.
• Prepare the screen print station.
• Add a bit of adhesive for the t-shirt to stay on while you print and then place it over the station.
• Place the screen on top of your t-shirt, positioning the vinyl stencil exactly where you want it.
• Apply multiple colours of ink on the mesh screen.
• Use a squeegee to firmly and swiftly scrape the paint across the screen and design so that it seeps through the screen and onto the shirt to create your multi-coloured design.
• Pull up the aluminium screen to reveal your beautiful screen print.

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