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MakersLAB.TV S2E18 - Engrave Different Depth and Create 3D Engraving Effect on TruCUT Desktop Laser

On today’s episode Riley demonstrates to us how to go about doing 3D engravement on wood using Advanced Machinery’s CO2 TruCUT laser and engraving machine.

What is the hype about 3D laser engraving anyways? In actual fact what is it? and How does it work?

In a nutshell, 3D laser engraving is an exceptional process that creates 3D engravings of photos, designs, logos, etcetera. On different types and kinds of substrates. When it comes to 3D laser engraving, the laser is usually positioned to permit the dark areas of the material to obtain maximum power while the lighter areas miss out on the engraving altogether. The shades in between obtain assorted power for the best 3D appearance. Additionally the laser machine adds to the product sloped edges at different depths. The result of the 3D work of art is astonishing.

Primarily, your designs or photos would be modelled into a 3D design via computer software.

Subsequently, when your design is ready, the 3D laser machine will focus its concentrated beams of light on a specific point below the surface of the material. The process begins when each bright point in the design is plotted on the final material surface. The machine will then focus a beam on each 3D coordinate. As the beam arrives at the focal point, the high-power laser pulse makes a small inclusion or void in the material.

Once this is all set, the laser will proceed to the following coordinate and duplicate process to create a second etched point. It will do this repeatedly until a sufficient number of points have been produced to produce a copy of the intended design within the material. The laser machine typically gives out a high-power output for darker areas and automatically lowers the power when the image becomes lighter.

The higher the power output from the machine, the deeper the laser burn and the lower the power output, the shallower the burn and hence a small amount of material will be burned. This all depends entirely on the material in question, you might need to clean the surface of the product after engraving to get rid of debris. This is especially accurate for wood as it has the tendency to give off a lot of oil residue in the midst of intense heat exposure.

To put it briefly, the procedure of 3D laser engraving can be interpreted as the art of burning away some parts of a substrate to give different depths to the background.

The Advantages of 3D Laser Engravement?

1. Flexibility: 3D laser systems have the capability to create clear engravings on non-flat surfaces. These comprise of round shapes, cylindrical shapes, conical shapes, parts with concave/convex portions, triangular shapes, and sloped surfaces. Furthermore, a 3D laser machine can engrave objects at non-identical heights. This is all due to the fact that it can easily adjust the laser beam position and the laser focal length.

2. Better marking effect: A 3D laser engraver has a great working area. It also takes on a front focusing optical mode that uses a larger X, Y-axis that offers a good deflection of the lens. These are helpful in expanding the integrity of the marking effect and better focus accuracy.

3. Ideal for deep engraving: 3D engraving well-suited for deep engraving.

4. Allows for multi-colour engraving: It can carry out plane processing of multi-colour effects.

5. Better personalization: We can’t shy away from the fact that 3D engraved laser items are extremely personalized. The technology comes up with precise accuracy that brings an otherwise 2D image to life in a distinctive and admirable way. With 3D laser engraving, you can let your mind run wild as you bring otherwise bland designs and photos of different sizes to life thereby producing a perfect 3D gift.

6. Quality marking: 3D engraving presents high-quality marks with clean mark edges. Laser beams are non-intrusive, this simply means that your products will have no marks or blemishes.

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