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Four Colour Micky Image Screenprinted on a 4 Station Rotating Screen Printer Demonstrated

What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing which can also be referred to as Silk Screening is a procedure that involves printing of images/designs onto a T-Shirts as you make use of thick ink that you can lay on top of the shirt rather than soaking into the shirt. Screen Printing is what most companies use of late and back in the day, to manufacture bulk amounts of custom t-shirts.

How Does it Work?

A thin mesh is stretched to cover the frame. A negative of the design is printed onto the screen and then placed against the shirt. Once it is set accurately, the ink is rolled on top of the screen, only the areas where the design has been printed allows ink to slip through. The ink then sets on the t-shirt and is put on the side to dry up.

The Screen-Printing Process!

The Screen

As soon as you are satisfied with the illustration of how your shirt(s) will look. You can begin preparing your screen.

Cover the screen in a layer of emulsion that will stop the ink from passing through. The outcome is usually a two-tone. The colours on the screen will not affect the final printing process.

The Colour

This is right where the magic begins. Take custom colours and mix them together right until you get desired colours. Advanced Machinery makes use of high-quality inks that are constructed to last a long time. These inks are chunky this simply entails that the design is going to be very appealing.

Pressing Step

This part involves silk screening of the shirt.

The t-shirt is stretched over a device that looks like an ironing board looking device. Everything is lined up with lasers to ensure that the design on all your shirts is found in the same position.

The screens are then submerged on top of the t-shirt. The custom ink mixture is spread on top of it and then the AM rubber squeegee is used to move the ink from one end of the silk screen to the other. As the ink gets moved over the screen, the t-shirt absorbs the ink on the front and the design starts to appear.

Drying Step

You can dry your shirts in a dryer.

The Final Product

Silk screening is a process that is entirely handled by hand and is perfect for artwork that only has 1-2 colours or huge quantities.
You can tell a t-shirt has been silk screened If you run your hand over the ink. It will have a raised feel to it. This is due to the ink being put on the front of the t-shirt.

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