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Pine Wood Engraved by Laser for a Deep Bull Image on a TruCUT Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

CO2 laser engraving machines are the current players that have made a permanent place for themselves in the world of today.

Lanford Agencies show us how they made an image by engraving on pinewood using AM’s TruCUT CO2 laser cutting and engraving.

Benefits of using Pinewood

• This wood is lightweight in nature.
• Pinewood is cost-effective and affordable compared with the other wood options.
• The processing properties are good. Being softwood and malleable in nature makes it easy to work with.
• Cutting pinewood is very easy and less time-consuming, thereby reducing the amount of time projects take to complete.
• The pinewood comes with alluring natural patterns and grains that are eye-pleasing. You won’t have to do much to the timber to make it look beautiful.
• Pine timber can be treated to resist decay and rotting. This increases the longevity of the product.

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine

Benefits of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine

A laser engraving machine is one that resorts to engraving materials via the laser engraving technology. The laser engraving machine is totally different from the traditional processing method i.e. mechanical engraving and the laborious manual engraving.

In the course of processing materials, the laser engraving machine doesn’t either use inks or involve a tool bit that contact with the materials. This is much better than those machines that need to regularly replace the inks and bit heads.

It utilizes the heat energy of the laser to engrave materials to be processed. The laser engraving machine features a higher engraving accuracy and faster engraving speed.

Plus, the laser engraving machine can also produce very refined and vivid engraving products.

When processing the materials, there are three major critical parts, namely the laser, controller, and surface.

Functions of a CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine

Firstly, the surface refers to the surface of materials to be processed.

Secondly, the laser serves as the function of the “pen” or “pencil”. It is responsible for creating the object by concentrating light of high-power on the material surface.

Finally, The “controller” serves as an “arm” to manipulate the “pen” moving over the material surface. Moreover, it can adjust the laser power as your requirements.

All the above movements are controllable by the design file you created. When processing the materials, the “controller” and the laser can work in the right way as the design file.

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