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Stylish Supawood Box with Sliding Lid Fully Engraved and Cut on TruCUT Laser Machine in One Job

Jewellery deserves the very best care, so to keep yours looking its best it needs the very best storage!

Today’s video will teach you how to create your own jewellery box from supawood using AM’s TruCUT CO2 laser and engraving machine.

Make customised and personalised wooden boxes to your liking by using a CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine if you would like some additional personalisation, such as a name, graphic, or a special message. This adds a nice touch to an already special gift. It really goes a long way in making the recipient of the gift feel that much more special. It’s recommendable in most cases.

Added value for the customer yields more profit for the engraver

Personalized products are becoming increasingly popular. An engraver’s field of application is very diverse. Companies and end customers can easily increase their business by expanding their product range. The offer for end customers is as varied as the materials. Be it coffee cups, wine glasses or baby gifts – a personal dedication with names, text, logos or photos makes these types of items very unique.

Why should you use a laser for personalization?

There is added value through personalization with laser engraving. Many products can be personalized with designs, logos and lettering using a laser engraving machine. This creates unique items that increase the product’s value many times over the original product. Therefore, these items generate a very handsome profit. In addition, the production of individual pieces, small series or large series is inexpensive and economically feasible. The contactless laser processing saves a lot of time and money compared to mechanical engraving, where the material often has to be clamped.

What are the advantages of laser technology?

• Profitable engraving
• Contact-free processing
• Best engraving and cutting results
• Maximum flexibility
• Easy digital manufacturing
• No tool-wear

End consumers are generally willing to pay higher prices for products with a personal dedication. The price for items with an individual laser engraving is therefore often determined by the price per product achievable on the market. It is common for end customers to pay 5 to 10 times the standard product price for personalization.

To purchase AM’s TruCUT CO2 laser and engraving machine simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 for sales or you can always buy the products from our online shop called BuyThis.co.za/ . For more product information log onto our website am.co.za/.