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Mass Production of Ice Cooling Towels By Large Format Printers and Roller Heat Press Machines

What exactly is Sublimation Printing?
To simply put it, sublimation printing is a well-liked technique that involves the transference of a full colour design onto materials or clothing items by making use of ink and heat. It permanently fuses ink and fabric.

Initially, the artwork selected is printed on vinyl paper. The sublimation ink used converts into gas when it is exposed to heat. It then becomes one with the fabric. The results are everlasting and are less likely to peel away or grow dim over time. Instead of sitting on the surface of your clothing item, this ink inserts itself into the fibres of the fabric.

The heat used unclogs the opening of the cloth making way for the ink to get cold and then dry up.

The outcome is an everlasting colourful design that will never flake, strip off or wear down when exposed to water or unfavourable weather conditions. This procedure gives way for sublimation ink to convert from a solid to a gas without it changing into liquid form. It is also referred to as an “all over print” method due to its ability to print from seam to seam.

This high-speed and productive automated print technique is becoming extremely popular in the streetwear fashion and it is not something that you would want to sleep on.

In today’s vlog you will learn you will learn how to produce a number of ice cooling towels using the FastCOLOUR Sublimation Large Format Printer and Roller heat press machine.

AM’s Heatware Sublimation Roll-to-Roll Heat Press
• Has an excellent transfer rate;
• Has a high processing speed;
• It boasts a stable belt steering;
• It heats up almost immediately;
• It is user friendly.

AM’s FastCOLOUR Sublimation Large Format Printer
-Is Easy to operate.
-The Ink used by this machine dries instantly.
-Provides high-res images.
-Delivers high-quality prints and permanent colours.
-Has the ability to print intricate designs.

If you are ready to purchase the large format printer and roller heat press machine online key in (buythis.co.za/machines). Prices are subject to change.

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