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Customized Leather Belt Buckle with Buffalo Logo Engraved by TruCUT Desktop CO2 Laser Machine

From clothing items such as coats to stationery and other small and inexpensive ornaments, leather is classified as a first-rated substrate that brings about flair. Even better marking your leather item by means of a laser engraver makes it more sophisticated.

Leather is a strong substrate and marking it is not a walk in the park. It requires a laser beam to have its form changed. Laser processing is a contact-less process that results in clean, high-definition finishes.

You can engrave on leather products for businesses purpose or to make personalized present for family or a special friend.

All you need is a C02 laser engraving and cutting machine to tattoo your design onto your leather material.

Laser cutting leather is highly recommended for intricate cutting projects.

To attain an embossing appearance, you are going to have to engrave instead of cutting your leather item.

In this video, Riley is shown engraving a logo name and image on a leather belt using the TruCUT C02 laser and engraving machine from Advanced Machinery.

To make your purchase and start your own leather engraving project…

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