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MakersLABTV S2E12 - Operate a Successful Laser Cutting Business and Produce Christmas Decorations

D-I-Y X Mas Tree Decorations

Season’s greetings. Christmas is around the corner. Riley demonstrates to the viewers at home how to go about starting your own business manufacturing handmade X Mas DIY crafts at the comfort of your own home using Advanced Machinery’s CNC TruCUT CO2 Laser and Engraving Machine and TruCUT Laser Cutting Software.

Products included in the video:

-AM.CO.ZA TruCUT Laser Cutting Software
-AM.CO.ZA CNC TruCUT CO2 Laser and Engraving Machine
-Decoration: Spray Paint, Glitter and Wool

AM.CO.ZA CNC TruCUT CO2 Laser and Engraving Machine

This C02 laser cutter and engraver machine cuts and engraves a variety of shapes and designs that will go on the tree beautifully. As soon as the cutting and engraving procedure is finalized proceed to add decoration to your ornaments.

For more information on the products used in this video watch:


AM.CO.ZA TruCUT Laser Cutting Software

The Software for TruCUT machine comes at no cost and is easy to download from Advanced Machinery’s utility website i.e. cncu.co.za. This software is compatible with your windows computer or laptop only and is connectable to the machine by making use of a USB cable, network cable or a flash drive.

Advanced Machinery makes provision for the installation and training for all the machinery that it sells. It also stocks a large variety of spare parts.

How to prevent burning when laser cutting wood:

Techniques to prevent burn marks:

1) Use paper transfer tape

This method prevents the fumes from depositing soot on the surface of the wood and can be prepared effortlessly.
If you want to keep the other side of the wood clean, apply transfer tape to the other side as well.

2) Apply coating to the wood

Utilize a stain or coating (such as varnish) that is a different shade from the wood. Clean off the burned residue from the ornaments and then paint over the burn.

3) Adjust laser cutter settings

Play around with the speed and power settings until it is close to perfect.

To purchase Advanced Machinery’s CNC TruCUT CO2 Laser and Engraving Machine and TruCUT Laser Cutting Software, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site am.co.za for more product information