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DIY Flower Pot Labels by Cutting ABS Plastic Sheet on TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

In this video Riley depicts to us on how one should embark on a DIY project in order to make personalized pot plants using Advanced Machinery’s TruCUT CO2 Laser engraving and cutting machine.

Let’s look at the importance of plant labels
A greater number of plants look identical. It’s really hard to tell them apart.

Customers would usually go for plants that have labels that are informative about the variety and its growing needs.

Plants that do not have labels on them are laid away right until they’re large enough to be recognized and relabelled. This is not ideal for business due to the fact that these plants are usually marked down in price and sold as a sort of mystery plant.

What do you look for in a customized pot plant label?

Personalized, affordable, long lasting plant identification labels that are weather and fade resistant are exemplary. They are great way for you or your little ones to personalise their plants for gardening or regifting.

What details do I put on my pot plant?

Crucial information to put on a pot plant are as follows:

-Details about the hardiness zone,
-Plant lighting requirements,
-Watering requirements,
-Name of the plant or the giftee.

For those of you with green fingers these custom-made labels are perfect for plant display areas where high visibility is required.

These custom-made pot plant labels are cut out from ABS Sheet. Why did we use the ABS Sheet?

-ABS material is a low-cost plastic material that is more durable and better suited for a variety of applications.
-It is resistant to strong impacts and corrosive chemicals.
-It is harmless and safe to use since the plastic material doesn't have any known toxic carcinogens in it.
-ABS is relatively safe to handle as it cools down and hardens, making it one of the easiest plastics to handle, machine, paint, sand, glue, or otherwise manipulate.

Other benefits of products made of ABS plastic include:
• Strong impact resistance
• Strong heat resistance
• High tensile strength
• Shock absorbance
• Scratch resistance

AM’s TruCUT CO2 Laser engraving and cutting machine

This machine cuts and engraves on material such as perspex, supawood, chipboard, and plenty of other non-metal materials on 0.01mm precision.

This Laser Cutter is suitable for:
• Signage Business
• Souvenir Making
• Displays & Shopfitting
• Craft Makers

Why should you go for AM’s laser cutter:

• Better Precision
• Easy to Use Software,
• Faster Speed & Cutting Thickness,
• Longer Warranty: 1y Electronic, 2y Mechanical, 5y Structural,
• Service Plan included, 3-month service interval.

If you want to create your very own DIY pot plants simply purchase Advanced Machinery’s TruCUT CO2 Laser engraving and cutting machine, spare parts, accessories, ink, just to name a few, dial 072 222 2211 /060 600 6000 or log onto our site am.co.za for more product information.