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MakersLAB.TV S2E4 - Create Super Long PVC Banners for GYM Facility Training Room Wall Decoration

Lanford agencies shows you how it created a large PVC Banner for a kiddies gym facility for their client. They went for Marvel characters, super heroes, & villains because it appeals so much to kids therefore it is an exceptional choice. They used AM’s FastCOLOUR large format printer to do all of this.

Most printers in the market are unable to print on PVC Banner.

If you need to print on something that is longer than 3 metres it is always better to use Advanced Machinery’s FastCOLOUR large format printer. It is by far one of the best printers that can print material up to 50 metres long.

Use normal colour settings when you print on the pvc banner.

The printing programme available from AM does not limit you on the number of meters per print. It goes on and prints as long as your computer can withstand that much amount of data.

You can print on material that is 50 metres long.

Let’s look at benefits of using PVC:

It is a flexible yet solid material

Using normal paper is not a good idea seeing that it can be easily torn and ripped. When exposed to external weather the banner would be ruined.

PVC is durable and dependable as it can withstand unfavourable weather conditions.
It can be easily hung and positioned by drilling eyelet holes.

PVC Banners are multi-purpose

It is frequently used to encourage time-bound deals at sizeable supermarkets, charity fundraising events, etcetera.

You can also use PVC banners as flags.

PVC Banners are durable and weather proof

PVC Vinyl can resist most weather conditions.
PVC mesh banners reduce wind resistance by creating tiny holes in the material for air to pass through to be used in higher wind areas such as bridges etc.

PVC Banners are high impact advertising

They are most time-tested type of advertising globally. They don’t just work- they yield extraordinary results.

If your banner is displayed outside your office, you can be certain that the people who see it are easily able to take action. This could be walking into your office for more details, or coming along to your event on the right date.
With the right type of design, a PVC banner is an efficient, effective way of connecting with people and getting them to listen.

PVC Banners are affordable

A lot of people try and refrain from spending a lot on advertising. One of the best things about a PVC banner is that you get extraordinary benefits at an exceptional price.

That’s the main reason why even the smallest businesses, one-off event promoters, and charities continue to use banners every single day.

PVC banners deliver high impact advertising at an unusually low cost.

To get your hands on AM’s FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer and so much more, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can log onto our site am.co.za for more product information.