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Maker Video: Superhero Banner Printed on PVC Banner Material and Mount on the Wall for Gym Decoration

Riley from Lanford Agencies made a large PVC banner for a client who has recently opened up a kiddies’ gym. He went for the theme of Marvel characters, super heroes, & villains because it appeals so much to kids therefore it is an exceptional choice. All of this was printed on Advanced Machinery’s FastCOLOUR large format printer.

Why do kids love Marvel characteristics so much?

Marvel movies are humorous. The wise cracks and banter of the characters are so much fun.

They have action and loads of it.

They have VFX which is currently the best in the business.

These movies tickle your child’s imagination by taking them to a fantasy world where there are aliens, spaceships, flying robots, God like creatures and assassins.

It has heroes across all races and genders. We have so many heroes to choose from that everyone can have his or her pick as per their preference.

They send a message of courage, friendship, truth, morals and love.

These movies do not delve on serious existential or worldly issues and are certainly worth watching for kids.

For most jobs, PVC banner material is still the best choice, being used in more than two-thirds of jobs. For outdoor applications, PVC banner provides durability and easy to decorate using a wide range of media, such as ink, paint, and applied vinyl.

These banners also provide one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your business products and services. They can be displayed indoors and outdoors to draw the attention of passer-by’s or be used to mark personal events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and christenings.

The printing programme that you can buy from Advanced Machinery does not restrict you on the number of meters per print. It goes on and prints as long as your computer can withstand that much amount of data. You can print on material that is 50 meters long.

For more visuals and D-I-Y instructions watch the video below:


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