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Maker Video: Hand Sanitizer Labels Print and Cut by Large Format Printer and Fully-Automatic Vinyl Cutter

It is now very imperative to promote safety and hygiene with hand sanitizer labels.

With the health benefits of cleanliness being such a great concern and a top priority due to COVID-19, personalized hand sanitizer labels are growing in popularity.

Clean hands can keep people safe and healthy, and even save lives. When you don’t have a moment to step aside and wash your hands with soap and water, you can always make use of chemical hand sanitizers to clean your hands. The main emphasis is now on the packaging design to ensure that vital information and branding are both present.

When generating custom hand sanitizer labels, the quality of materials and laminates used is necessary to the finished product. The bottle labels must also be sturdy enough to resist scuffing, smudging and tearing. When you choose long-lasting materials and finishes, your hand sanitizer labels will last even when exposed to moisture and constant handling. Now you can have a label that looks fancy and be tough at the same time so that it doesn’t wear and tear seeing that sanitizers are used frequently, day in and day out.

Similar to cosmetic labels, these hand disinfectant bottle labels have to tolerate a variety of environments. Many will be applied to large bottles for use by multiple individuals such as family members in a household, employees and/or customers.

Moving right along, Lanford Agencies gives you an amazing tour on how to print custom-made hand sanitizer labels at home on AM’s large format printer and cut them on the V-Smart Fully Automatic Vinyl Cutter.

To purchase our FastCOLOUR large format printer, the V-Smart Fully Automatic Vinyl Cutter and many more of our products, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site am.co.za for more product information.