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Maker Video: Bookmarks Printed on Premium Glossy Photo Paper Roll by FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer

A lot of people are getting into the habit of reading books off late. Reading is extremely good for you and research has shown that regular reading:

-improves brain connectivity.
-increases your vocabulary and comprehension
-empowers you to empathize with other people
-aids in sleep readiness
-minimizes stress
-lowers blood pressure and heart rate
-fights depression symptoms
-prevents cognitive decline as you age
-contributes to a longer life

Just to name a few!

Premium Glossy Photo Paper is:

-Ideally suited for the creation of excellent quality pictures with a soft glossy surface.

-This paper is mainly used for laminations to provide protection from light and moisture.

-Ink is immediately dry to the touch after printing.

-Offers maximum ink coverage.

In this video Lanford Stationers shows you how it went about creating bookmarks by using AM’s Large format printer and was easily able to achieve mass production due to its speed. Most wide-format printers can produce up to 15 large posters per hour. They are engineered to print text and graphics with increased clarity thereby increasing printer quality.

They produced a large number of bookmarks for a book fair and also went on to cleverly advertise its business on the bookmarks.

To purchase our FastCOLOUR large format printer and the rest of our products, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site am.co.za for more product information.