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Maker Video: Engraving on Shot Glass by TruCUT Lite 40W CO2 Desktop Laser Machine with Rotary Attachment

What is a shot glass?

A shot glass is a compact glass originally designed to carry or measure spirits or liquor.

Laser engravement

Laser engraving on glass yields effortless and precise results. Etched glass produces a matte effect when done with a laser. Extremely fine details and contours can be lasered onto glass.

Possible laser engraving applications include photographs, wording such as quotations, dates, logos or birthday messages. Laser etching can be done on wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses and bottles using AM’s TruCUT’s CO2 laser machine.

Flat items such as a mirror or window glass can be lasered with so much ease. You can now create a personalised gift for a special occassion or corporate presentation by using Advanced Machinery’s laser machine.

The Application Procedure

The CO2 laser machine prints the top layer of the glass. This in turn creates a "matting" effect on the material. With the laser cutting machine, fine clear, white glass etchings are applied to the material accurately so. A rotary attachment is recommended for glass etching and laser marking on glass items with a cylindrical or conical shape (e.g. beer glasses, vases or bottles). rotary attachment turns your work automatically during the laser engraving process. This ensures it remains in the right position and maximises the engraving area.

Sorts and Types of glasses that are appropriate for laser engraving:

• Window Glass
• Container glass
• Mirror glass
• Cast glass
• Pressed glass
• Float glass
• Sheet glass
• Crystal glass
• Mirrors
• Bottles
• Conical glasses and round glasses
• Ordinary drinking glasses and wine glasses

For more information watch the videos below:

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