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Maker Video: Mouse Bait Station Branding by Waterproof Printed Vinyl Print and Cut-out by Vinyl Cutter

Are you tired of the rodent running around in your house? It’s time you said goodbye to it!!!

A tamper-resistant bait station is a lockable, sturdy plastic or metal-based box that is designed to allow rodents such as rats or mice to enter the device to feed on the rodenticide within it.

The importance of tamper resistant rodent bait stations.

• Tamper-resistant bait stations are safe to use. They designed in such a way that children and non-target animals are unable to gain access to the toxic bait.
• Bait stations protect the bait blocks from the elements including the sun, keeping it free of moisture and dirt or dust between regular service intervals.
• This method is one of the most non-toxic methods of monitoring rodent activity.
• Bait stations prevent accidental spillage and product contamination when used in food facilities.
• Bait stations entice rodents, especially mice, to enter the dark, enclosed space where they feel protected. The toxic or non-toxic blocks further attract the rodents to enter the stations as rodents have a strong sense of smell.
• Bait stations that are installed help prevent theft or relocation of them.

The Layout and design of the tamper resistant bait station

-The plastic that is utilized is UV resistant.
-It is positively slanted to help with water run off.
-The additional ridges are there to prevent water/rain from entering the bait station.
-The bait station is exclusively designed to withstand harsh African weather conditions.

Advanced Machinery’s FastCOLOUR Large format printer has been utilized to print branded waterproof stickers for mouse bait stations and a vinyl cutter to cut-out and shape them.

To purchase our FastCOLOUR large format printer and vinyl cutter, spares and software, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site am.co.za for more product information.