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Maker Video: Canvas Wall Art Print on PVC Banner Material by FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer and Frame Mounted

Making your own Canvas painting does not have to be an excruciating process. It has been simplified completely. Free hand painting eats up so much into one’s time. When doing freehand painting, the results of fine art and exceptional detail are not easily attainable. You can now create your Canvas by printing your desired design directly onto a PVC Banner Material utilizing AM’s FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer. This video will give you some guide and direction on how to go about doing it.

Why utilize PVC Banner Material to create your Canvas Wall Art?

PVC Banners are economical

Advertising that is affordable is very imperative. PVC banners give you an economical way to go about enhancing brand identity and stand out to a wider audience. A PVC banner will literally give you extraordinary benefits at an extraordinary cost.

PVC Banners are instant

They immediately grab the attention of your customers and create profound staying power. They yield advertising that keeps your business fresh and exciting.

PVC Banners are hard-wearing

The Banners are waterproof. They are made from PVC material that is produced from plastic coating. They are able to withstand the most harsh and cold weather condition because they are powerful and easily adjustable.

PVC Banners are flexible

The Banners weigh less and can be moved around with so much ease. It is great to use for public events, advertising outside your shop or office or for promoting in the local area.

PVC Banners are easily seen

Placing brightly coloured, lively and exciting banners in key locations will direct customers to your organization and advance your business.
With the right design, a PVC banner is an efficient, effective way of associating with people and getting them to listen.

Here is how you will go about creating your own Canvas Wall Art

You are going to choose a design of your choice and use Software that is compatible with AM’s FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer to transfer the image onto a PVC Banner.This is quite a quick and efficient procedure so you can produce as many paintings as you want in a short period of time.

As soon as the printing is done and the material has dried up you will mount it onto your wooden frame thereby creating your canvas painting. Voila there you have it your very own canvas wall art.

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