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Maker Video: Durable Logo on Overall Suit Printed, Heat Transfered and Stiched Demostrated by Ink2Stiches

Safety and personal protective clothing can protect you and improve your work performance. The video below depicts to us the step by step procedure of printing a logo and pressing it onto an Overall Suit using AM’s Heatware Heat Press machine, Vinyl Cutter and Large Format Printer. This video is proudly brought to you by MakersLab.TV. (Featuring Ink2Stitches).

Fun Facts:

Large Format Printer:

Features of the Large Format printer:
-It prints at a High speed.
-It has 2 Internal reactors which are used to dry ink quicker so that you can print a lot of items in a short period of time.
-It has an Integrated front heater, dryer and take-up roller.
-It has a cable that you can use to connect the printer to the computer for a Fast and Stable printing process.
-And so many other fantastic features.

Heat Press Machine:

Pressing process:

• Prepare the surface that you will be working on.
• Customize your own pad to size with heating pad material.
• Place the logo onto your working pad/station properly
• This way you will get an even press.
• Place the label onto the flat surface.
• Now get ready to adjust the temperature thus the pressure and then start the press procedure.
• When using hot peel, remove print immediately.
• When using cold peel, wait for print to cool down first.
• Once the print is removed.
• Press print again, same temperature and timing settings.
• If glue has not sealed in certain places press it again until desired results are achieved.
• Then you will have your logo printed onto a fabric.

Vinyl Cutter:

Vinyl Cutters appear mostly like printers and function a lot more like them. They utilize a blade to trim your design into certain materials.
The software that you utilize e.g CorelDRAW and Photoshop CC to create your artwork will be exported from your PC onto the vinyl cutter. It has the ability to control the movements of the blade just as it would with a printer.
Vinyl cutters are able to trim your designs into paper, fabric, leather, cardstock, tissue paper, thermal transfer material and can go as far as cutting into balsa wood and aluminium foil.

To get your hands on AM’s Heat Press machine, Vinyl Cutter and Large Format Printer simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can log onto our site am.co.za for more product information.