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Maker Video: Transparent Key Tag with Sandblasting Effect Logo Made by TruCUT Laser Machine on Perspex

The video below shows us the step by step process of the Sandblasting Effect on Perspex material using the CO2 laser machine. Sandblasting Effect Logo is engraved onto Transparent Key Tag. This video is proudly brought to you by MakersLab.TV.

TruCUT is a software of the CO2 laser machine. You can create all sorts and types of designs on it. The Power and Speed set determines how a product will come out. In this case Sandblasting is utilized due to the fact that it uses minimal power so that the laser does not engrave deeper into the material.

Fun facts:


Perspex is a type of an acrylic. It is the highest-quality acrylic on the market.

Benefits of Perspex:

• The material, Perspex is very strong, durable and shock-resistant.
• It is Lightweight
• It is able to withstand rough handling.
• It can resist extreme weather conditions and UV.
• It is a 100% recyclable making it Eco friendly.
• It can be manufactured in a range of colours
• It is highly versatile meaning that it can be moulded to suit individual requirements.

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