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Maker Video: Stainless Steel Countertop with Integral Sink Cut on MetalWise CNC Plasma by Inov8 Design and Manufacturing

Inov8 design and manufacturing manufactures standard catering equipment and kitchens, it focuses on the design & production of industrial stainless-steel products. The guys from Inov8Design Manufacturing can be seen cutting a stainless-steel sink countertop using Advanced Machinery’s CNC plasma cutting and engraving machine.

Advanced Machinery offers 4 main types of CNC Plasma Cutters:

Entry Level CNC Plasma Cutter

It is fitting for the production of metal-arts, signage frames, trailers, gates, etcetera that primarily require cutting mild steel, up to 10mm with low accurateness and low efficiency.

Standard CNC Plasma Cutter

Well suited for small-scale workshops and/or engineering enterprises for all types of common cutting purposes.

Large Size CNC Plasma Cutter

Consists of a greater working area and broader cutting ability than the standard CNC plasma cutter. This plasma cutter is well-suited for middle-sized engineering companies.

Ultimate CNC Plasma Cutter

This market leading cutter gives you high-definition cutting quality. It cuts very thick material in the quickest possible time.

Advanced Machinery’s CNC Plasma Cutter is quality built and extremely budget-friendly, It is by far the most up to date CNC cutter in the market.

Our CNC plasma cutting machinery imparts precision control on speed and arc-voltage to give the greatest possible cutting quality that the plasma power source can give.

Standard Features and Highlights of MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Unit:

• Free Flame Cutting Torch for Oxy-Fuel Cutting, and One Set of Propane Nozzle Included
• Two Stepper Motors Used for X and Y Axis Movement
• Rack and Gear for Transmission, Detach Switch Included Allows Manual Movement
• Support Standard G-Code for Plasma, Multiple Software Option Available
• Additional Plasma Function Easy Panel Upgrade Can be Installed for Convenience
• With Arc-Voltage Torch Height Control and Collision Prevention

Videos on Plasma Cutting:


More information on Plasma Cutters available at AM:


What plasma cutting is and how it works?

Plasma cutting is a rapid, inexpensive and effortless way to cut stainless steel. Modern plasma systems authorize you to select from a broadened range of gases and amperages, to make optimal cut speeds and deliver the desired cut quality for a diversity of needs.

Plasma cutting is a procedure in which electrically conductive substrates are cut through by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and other conductive metals can be cut with a plasma torch.

Plasma cutting is extensively used in manufacturing, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, salvage and scrapping. Due to the high speed and precision of the cuts at an economical cost, plasma cutting is widely utilized from large industrial CNC applications to micro hobby companies where the materials are later used for welding.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting

• Operation of one or more burners depending on the series.
• Cutting of all electrically conductive materials.
• Cutting of high-alloy steel and aluminium materials in medium and large thicknesses.
• Outstanding performance in small and medium mild steel thicknesses.
• Cutting of high-strength structural steel with lower heat input.
• High cutting speeds (up to 10 times higher than with oxyfuel)
• Any processing of high-quality blanks for medium and thick sheet metals.
• Plasma cutting guarantees automation.
• Plasma cutting under water allows very low heat exposure and low noise level at the workplace.

To purchase AM’s CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and so much more simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 for sales or you can always buy the products from our online shop called Buythis.co.za . For more product information log onto our website am.co.za/.