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Customized Fully Printed Mug Done by Sublimation Ink Printed Paper and Mug Heat Press Machine

Customization plays a vital role in expanding efficiency, it makes certain that resources at hand are used effectively and decreases and almost eliminates unwarranted wastage.

Customization is beneficial in such a way that it adds personal touch to your product/Item. When in business for yourself, you will be able to create designs that will match your customer’s needs or desires. This process also allows you the opportunity to differentiate your products to those of your competitors.

Why Product customization?

• From a variety of products out there, your product is able to stand out from the rest through its uniqueness when compared to the rest.

• Customization adds to customer’s remaining loyal to your business and engaging in activities due to the fact that it targets their character traits and values.

• Customers have the choice to add more features onto a basic design.

• A large number of customers remain loyal to your business because of the personalized offers.

• Facilitates exceptional marketing with a personal touch.

Now let’s have a look at the video below, it will show you just how to use Sublimation print to Customize blank white mugs.

Once you have completed your design on your software and employed a printing process onto the shining side of your sublimation paper. The first step is to check the size of the design against your mug. If you are happy with the way that it fits, you can secure the print facing downwards onto the mug.

The second step would be to apply the thermal heat tape onto the mug, to secure printing place so that it doesn’t move around during the heating process. Then slide mug into mug holder and tighten. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or else the mug will crack. Too little pressure applied will make the mug move around. Just the right feel is needed.

Then set temperature to 100 degree Celsius and the burn time between 60 and 90 seconds. The Sublimation Ink bursts exactly at 200 degree Celsius and attaches itself to the sublimation blank surface.
The length of time for explosions to take place is there to ensure that the exploded ink parts have embed themselves firmly. So as soon as the timer times out remove the mug and immediately remove the print.

Then voila, you have yourself a beautiful customized mug.

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