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Maker Video: KlimatAir Air Conditioning Cut Galvanised Steel Sheet by MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Cutter

A win in manufacturing factories, automobile workshops, and mechanical buildings is often associated with accuracy and productivity, this is all due to the equipment used. Even if your craftsperson or technician has great knowledge and experience in operating certain machinery or software, he or she can always sharpen their skills and knowledge by using the latest technology. This is where CNC plasma machines come in and make a positive change in manufacturing.

A CNC plasma machine makes use of a plasma cutter to cut narrow and chunky metals alongside a multi-axis grid. The CNC technique is better than a portable plasma cutting tool because it is machine-driven and not handled by human beings. With this technology you can attain high speed and accuracy at the lowest costs.

Aside from the materials that it regularly cuts, CNC plasma is further used in different surroundings and businesses to make better manufacturing speeds and lessen expenses. The main benefit of the CNC plasma machine is its adaptability since it is a productive way to cut both narrow and broad materials. CNC plasma machines are specially built to take on substantial cutting, production tasks.

In today’s vlog KlimatAir shows us how they cut a galvanised steel sheet using AM’s MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma cutting machine.

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