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Maker Video: Tuff Cases Made by Tough Machines, AM CNC Router Helps CPS Make Tough Cases

Everyone knows that camping, storing, or travelling can turn out to be a nightmare with essentials or equipment spread out everywhere and you always having to look around in the storage box and eventually find yourself being compelled to re-pack everything.

You won’t believe it but people that are well-travelled also have a tough time finding their essentials or equipment whilst on a trip. The solution to this is high density foam inserts.

High density foam inserts that are fitted into tough cases make life more enjoyable and convenient when it comes to travelling, camping, storing and so much more.

Foam inserts for hard cases offer full protection to the items within.

They are:
• Accurately shaped to give all-inclusive support to essentials or equipment.
• They are hard and firm, this allows them to easily carry products’ weight.
• Cushiony and flexible, this helps them to protect items from colliding into each other.
• Specially built to put a halt to equipment reacting, via staining or gluing.
• They make your hard case look neat for showcasing.
• Safeguards the items in the case against continuous vibration that can detach parts and result in damage.
• Equipped to safeguard against any additional accidents.

CNC processes and modern-day technology are used together to create high-quality high-density foam. Computer Numerical Controlled machining machines is frequently used to produce spaces in between foam inserts to store individual pieces. It cuts the foam evenly and accurately to precise specifications. The measurements of the items that will be inserted into the hard cases are taken straight from the products themselves or from three-dimensional data given by the people manufacturing the products.

Today’s vlog will give you a detailed demonstration of the process that goes into cutting high density foam using the EasyRoute CNC router machine from Advanced Machinery.

To create your own high-density foam inserts, log on to buythis.co.za/ to buy the CNC router machine online. Prices are subject to change.

To talk to sales about the router dial 060 600 6000.

You can also visit our warehouse in Jet Park, Johannesburg or Montague Gardens, Cape Town.

To find more about our products and services log on to our website am.co.za.