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Maker Video: Supawood Frame Cut on CNC Router and Precisely Assembled by Intense Designs

A great deal of compact machine stores and factories, together with some amateurs that work from a garage or shop, are giving thought to adding to their collection of hand-operated machinery, computer-operated equipment such as CNC machinery.

A CNC machine cuts and shapes objects at high speeds. It cuts objects accurately, reliably, quickly, and delivers outstanding repeatability.

The Computer Numeric Control technology makes use of assorted tools to create different shapes and sizes of parts. The beginning of the process is when a designer produces a design derived from a client’s specs. Designers nowadays are well-equipped with software, such as CorelDRAW or AutoCAD that they use to create the design using a computer.

The software made design is used by a CNC engineer. The design is translated into a piece of work with the assistance of computer-aided manufacturing software. The engineer makes a toolpath and creates the preparatory codes that runs the CNC machine by using the CAM software. The PC then transfers the program to a CNC machine that can interpret the design.

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